How to Manifest More Money

You might think how awesome it would be to win the lottery but for most people that won’t happen.

But you can learn how to manifest more money by using a few simple steps.

Why Journaling works

What is the Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction (LOA) is a universal law that many refer to as “like attracts like”. The idea is what you put out into the universe you can expect to get out of it. Others will use the phrase, “what goes around comes around.”

Most of us don’t even realize how much time we spend each day thinking the same negative thoughts over and over.

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m not smart enough”

“I’m too fat”

Based on the law of attraction, the biggest problemthese kindsd of thoughts create is…

The universe will continue to show you those same results.

So if you think “I’m too fat”, the universe will continue to make you eat too much, have you crave sweets, so that you can continue to have the result “I’m too fat”.

The exact same idea for money.  When you think “I don’t have any money”.  That is exactly what you get back.  Your life turns into a series of unexpected expenses, you car breaks down, you get another bill in the mail, until…

You don’t have money, just like you were thinking.

So how do you break this cycle?

Catch Those Negative Thoughts

You have to be hyper-aware when a negative thought even pops in your head you have to immediately think of something else.  The issue we you have been thinking the same thoughts for basically YEARS.

You don’t even know how to think without thinking the same thoughts.

Freaky right?

So after you realize “OMG here I go again”…what do you do?

Be Prepared

Contrast this with positive people and you will see quite a difference. The positive people always seem to have things go their way. If something doesn’t work out, they don’t complain about it. They simply look for a better way. They make great team players. If they aren’t currently the leader of their team, they will be soon enough.

If you are in doubt about whether LOA works, consider this: what do you have to lose? You give it a try, and it doesn’t seem to pan out the way you had hoped. However, don’t just try it once and throw in the towel. It’s more of a transformative process. You need to continue it until you see results.

Say bye bye negative thoughts

One of the reasons most people won’t win the lottery is because the we aren’t in vibrational alignment to receive it.  Meaning you don’t really believe it will happen either.

Take Action

I know it would be nice to just sit on your couch and have money come knocking on the door.  But the universe loves action.  You need to take action on ideas that will bring you money.

Let Go and Have Fun


Just like brushing your teeth, this NEW YOU, has to be an EVERY day thing.  It’s not 1 and done.

It’s every day!

That’s why I created my 30 day manifesting course.  It’s to keep you on track for 30 days so you can