Want to know how to wake up to sales notifications…this post will tell you how.

When I first got into affiliate marketing…

…I joined a ton of affiliate programs.

I know people get hooked on one and they get all tunnel visioned…

…and stressed when that 1 program isn’t the magic ticket.

But I don’t roll that way…

…I test and test, different products and offers.

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To me, it’s like a puzzle.

I enjoy the journey.

And I know some people just want to know how to get that first sale.

Because that first sale is like when the 4 min mile was reached.

It tells you it’s possible.

The key is to jump into the pool and start swimming.

Try something and see if it works.

…if it doesn’t try something else.

Because no matter the size… it’s fun to log into an account you don’t check often and see a sale in there.  

Just like I did today for a new product I tested out last week.

But you got to start somewhere in jump into the pool before you can swim.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of referring readers to a product or service you recommend and getting a commission.  You know how you tell your friends to go watch that awesome movie or read the latest must-read book?  It’s like that.  Accept better because you get paid a percentage for the referral.

How to get started

Find programs to join – Here’s my number one pick

There are a couple of ways to find affiliate programs.  Some affiliates use a service like Shareasale

Also you can look at products you use and scroll to the bottom of the page and many will have a link to their affiliate program and how to apply.

how to find affiliate programs

How do I get paid?

Most affiliates payout on a weekly or monthly basis.  Payments are usually sent my PayPal.

Create a Lead Capture Page

You need a way to get leads into your email list. You can get free templates here.

Build an Email List

It can take 7-12 and up to 30 touch points before someone buys.

To build an email list you need an autoresponder.

And your emails should provide value. But one thing I’ve learned is when you get stuck or overwhelmed you might consider outsourcing your emails.

Create an Email Sequence

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