11 months after leaving my 6-figure 9-5 job, I had my first $10k month as a writer.

Now it wasn’t easy and actually was a lot of work. So no get rich thing going on here.

Obviously, your results will vary depending on how much you study and put yourself out there. I can’t guarantee you’ll make anything as a writer.

But after a lot of requests…

Here are my recommendations for products on how to get started as a high paid writer.

Note this post contains affiliate links which means I made a commission if you purchase at no additional cost to you.

Would rather hire it out?

Let’s face it there is only so much time in the day.

If you know you need to email your list but are way too busy I recommend just using this service to order 30 days with of email each month.

For $9.90 per day it’s just a no brainer.


Yes you can still make money blogging.

Here’s how to start your own blog.

First, you need a domain.  I recommend Name Cheap they have the best prices and I find their site easy to use.

Second, you need a blog theme, I recommend Divi it’s what I use on all my blogs.  You can get the developer plan and actually even have a business helping others create blogs. 

I recommend this course to learn how to make money blogging with a focus on pinterest.

And this one.


Writing copy for clients is how I was able to get to $10k months 1 year after leaving my full time job.

I could have done it much faster if I would have focused…but I was a bit all over the place.

Here’s a course that can get you started.

Or this $37 book.

And if your goal is to focus on web copy.

here’s an advanced course if you already write copy but are ready for the next level.

This is my plan over time to actually stop writing for clients and build a business writing my own emails for my own products.

Freelance Writing

I really enjoy reading Elna Cane’s blogs and she has a course for Freelance Writers to earn $1k.  Her course will teach a new writer to get step-up and succeed at freelance writing.  She is a mom of twins that works from home.

Learn to Write Funny

This is the course I recommend for funny cold emails and adding more fun to your website copy.