…without maxing out your credit cards on paid advertising, sending cold emails or spending 4 hours a day, 5 days a week on social media?

Find out the exact strategies to unleash 2-3 next clients leads, every day and start making more money next week…without being an internet marketing slimebot

Hi, I’m Heather…

Since 2016, I’ve helped burnt out creative freelancers and coaches (who are sick of exchanging hours for dollars) attract a consistent flow of high-paying clients using personality driven automated systems and get paid at least double for the same work…even if you know nothing about marketing.

September 2015, 10:15 pm, I put my almost 2-year-old daughter to sleep and I sat on the floor crying.  Even though I had what some might say is a good situation – good job, nice house, loving family – I was a stress ball of complete unhappiness.

I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown..I hated my boss, I hated my job, and I felt I was completely failing as a “good mom” – I lacked a purpose, a passion…a goal.  I had spent so many years, squashing my personality in corporate america (yes CPA’s can be complete personality sucks) – even though my work quality was great – I was often told I laughed too much in meetings or that I tried to make work too fun.  

I knew something had to change. I decided to start fighting – start finding a way to replace hopelessness with action.

Does this sound familiar…

It’s Monday and you open your computer and hope and pray that this is the week your lead magnet is going to bring in a high paying client… 

You check your email…nothing… 

You check your Facebook notification…ugh just same old gurus and coaches showing how they are traveling to Bali, Fiji or hanging out on a yacht drinking champagne…

You think you need more followers…another big-name guru course or maybe…you sigh…you should just go back to a 9-5.  NO!

I get it.  I was in the same position….that’s when I made a few simple posts, position myself as an expert and then everything started to change.

I got in front of my ideal clients (with the right message), got them to reach out to me, and easily closed the sale.  Almost on autopilot.

Clients starting reaching out to work with me…

I was able to walk away from my 9-5 career on February 1, 2018, with skills to never worry about where to find my next client…to never have a boss telling me what I could do.  Now help other freelancers and coaches stand out in a crowded online space – to embrace their inner nerd, dork or goofball and become unforgettable and hired.



The Fun, Fearless and Fully Booked Freelancer

For Coaches, Creatives, Side Hustlers and Entrepreneurs who are ready to:

Fully book out your calendar with ideal high-paying clients this month (and the next, and the next)

Know exactly the right words to write in your ads, emails, and social posts to have clients blow up your private messages

Package about your services so you only work on tasks that light you up and make you say….



Because here’s the deal…


You need an easy system to bring clients to you.  Stand out in a crowded marketplace and stop feeling like a 2 dollar let’s make a deal freelancer for hire.  Dollar, dollar, bills, yo!

Isn’t it time to..

Create a colossal flood of customers that need your skills and shortcut your way to an overflow of monthly retainers.  I’ll show you a backdoor strategy used to create comments and posts that seduce customers to see you as the go-to expert – and get you hired.


Easily Land high-paying clients using the “book me now” pitch strategy.  By using my 3 paragraph script, you’ll land on top podcasts, quickly achieve expert status – your ideal client will know you are the answer they need and jump to their desk to hire you.  (Fellow freelancers will beg to know your business transformation secret that took you from twiddling your thumbs looking for clients to fully booked in only 30 days.)


Woo your ideal client into a ball of primed-perfect-prospect-putty using hands-off automation tools – these systems never need a raise and sell your services 24/7.  (Tell those “post every day” preaching gurus to take a hike – instantly get back 14 hours each week and land more clients in a day then you did all last year.)

Immediately get off the loathsome low-paying gig hamster wheel…you’ll double or TRIPLE your income in less than 30 days using my “rapid fire test” strategy.  (This system eliminates all the guesswork of what to sell and guarantees clients will pay top dollar for your service packages.)

Induce a frenzy of ideal clients to show up at your feet by laser target the key decision maker in top organizations.  Discover how to stand out from the crowd of other freelancers and get the gig.  (This simple strategy will explode your business and quickly squash the fear of returning to the soul-sucking 9-5 grind.)

Do You Want to Make in a Month what you Make in a Year?


Do you want clients who refer you more business?


Do you want to finally say “Business is Booming” and really, honestly, mean it?

YES!! Yes!!  Finally heck yes!

If you are ready to…

Stop spending hours creating lead magnets in Canva

…only to not know where to advertise this “traffic generator”

…only to decide to drop in some unsuspecting Facebook groups even though it kind of stinks

…..only to


Then jump on a call and get started today.

What if you knew exactly what to write on social media, in your profile, and build authentic relationships that make book clients and make sales as easy and normal and driving through Starbucks and grabbing your daily Americano (no sweetener please…I’m cool like that)?

Instead..Imagine attracting clients like this…

The Fun, Fearless and Fully Book Freelancer program is a customized system just for you.  Here is some of what we will get done together…


Clarity and Confidence Catapult

How to discover who you are meant to serve and build unshakeable confidence to serve your ideal client.

Sold Out Offers and Packages

Create “I got to have it” offers and packages so your ideal client is saying YES PLEASE

Social Media Superstar

Just cut and paste these social media templates, to stand out like an expert and generate a steady stream of perfect leads.  Without the low paying, high maintenance, freebie seekers, who will never hire you.

Authentic Authority Accelerator

Go from best kept secret to, total authority in just 30 days.

Punchy, Personality, Power Copy.

Simple steps you can start using today to put more personality into your copy, hook attention, and make the sale a no-brainer.

Visible and Profitable

Discover the stand out Podcast Pitch to get booked on high profile podcasts that drive leads to your offers month and month.

Sales Psychology

Discover how to make every sales call a win, win, smooth flowing process,

The “pick up the phone” mindset hack that will have clients waiting by the phone to grab your call, say goodbye to ghosting, no shows, and potential prospects that have no idea why you are calling.

Outsource and Scale

Outsource tasks that are keeping you from growing to the 5 figure freelancer, so you can work in your zone of genius and get more done in less time.

It’s time to jump on board and take the express flight to complete, crossed off, and crushing it.


I’ll show you my exact 5 step system I used to leave the corporate grind, double my salary and work less than I ever have.

If you’re a freelancer, coach or expert and are underpaid and struggling to get clients.  Just follow my exact Fully Booked Boss framework and explode your freelance or coaching career in 10 days or less.

But here’s the deal, I only like to work with clients who 1 – I could picture having a coffee or a glass of wine with in real life and 2 – I actually freakin’ like.


So if you think you got the goods….let’s make your goals a complete done deal.

And one more thing…you get my

First session “This stuff really works” 100% money back guarantee.


This is not one of those coahcing programs I want you pissed off about and hiding from your friends and family.

I want you be me my next “heck yes success”.


If you are not completely satisfied that I can help you change your ability to land high-paying clients…and overjoyed enough to send me a This stuff really works testimonial, you don’t owe me anything – just email me, I’ll give your money back and we can still remain friends.

You risk nothing by getting started, except months of low-paying clients, so don’t miss this easy to get started opportunity to book your first high-paying client next week.  Click here to schedule your let’s work together strategy.



Here’s what to do now – just click this button, enter your information and you’ll be only days away from landing up to 3 new high paying clients.

Ready to go from “why did I start this business” to “why didn’t I start sooner”?

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