Fun Storytelling Copy

for Standout Influencers and Brands

Conversational Copy That Makes Your Brand Memorable.

So customers come back to buy again and again.


I’m Heather…

A Storytelling Conversion copywriter

for influencers and brands that are ready to

generate 10-30% more sales

….and still have fun in their business. 



How I Can Help You…

I combine the power of storytelling, intuition, and persuasion to create copy like:

– A fun abandoned cart sequence that gets busy shoppers going back to buy.

– Emails that readers love to open, makes connections, and gets you the click.

– Web Copy that makes your ideal customer want to talk to you…

instead of clicking away faster than a bamboozled baboon being chased by a barbarian banana monster…

….it could happen.



Copy Can Be Fun And Sell Your Stuff…

Using the power of “fun” copy, I started getting results for my clients and decided to focus on the power of words to connect with customers, who are actually excited to buy.

I’ve worked with 6 and 7 figure influencers and brands to add more spunk and personality into their copy.

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The Power of Story

Humans are wired for story.  The greatest speakers, writers, and leaders have used storytelling to build memorable brands, create movements, and change the world.

Stories signal oxytocin in your brain (yup just like sex and chocolate)…

this triggers you to feel connected and is exactly why it’s powerful in your copy.

I use your personal story,  combined with conversation copy to make your brand unforgettable…

…or a least makes your customer want to eat more chocolate.


Engaging Emails

Slide in more sales using email copy that warms them up like buttah


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Freelancing Fist-Bump

When you need help packaging up your awesomeness so people happily pay you.

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