It’s Time to Unstuck Yourself

and Blast Away the Limiting Beliefs in Your Side Hustle or Freelancing Business

No BS Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Stop Paying Small

Get Crystal Clear Clarity on How to Finally Hit 6-Figures in Your Business


I’m Heather…

3 Years ago I decided to take control of my income, stopped living like a victim, and left my 9-5 by diving into digital marketing and copywriting.

In 1 year I matched my 6 figure income and finally could say bye bye to BS Corporate America forever!



How I Can Help You…

What if you knew exactly why you kept attracting the crappy boss, the low paying clients, and the total confusion of how to grow your business?

I’ve coached high performing clients including tv personalities and NFL players on finding the limiting beliefs that were stopping them from explosive growth in their online businesses.

I tell you EXACTLY the next steps to take to get those high paying gigs and stop taking the soul sucking clients who don’t pay you what you are worth…NO MORE!



Cut the Crap Heather can I really get answers…

The only way you can step into 6-Figures is by owning your worth and not setting for low paying gigs.You have to jump off the hamster wheel and build a life of satisfying high paying work and flexibility.


Isn’t it Time to..

Finally step into the badass boss you know you can be…

– Stop the BS stories that are keeping you playing small

– Create a flood of clients who pay your what your want

– Finally stop the “Poor Me” syndrome and step into “Hire me”



Know your worth and earn it


Superpower Success

Discover what you can do to find your superpower and supercharge your success

Book an hour, we’ll fix it.

Blast the BS

Blow up the old stories, emotions, and beliefs that no longer serve if.  Only when these are identified and removed can complete abundance finally become your new normal.